Wednesday, October 5, 2016

I'm baaack!

Hi! I know it's been almost an entire year, and a lot has happened. A heart continued to be broken until it was eventually mended; my support group broadened and I have some of the best friends ever; I made some good decisions and some not so good decisions, and most of all, I learned so much. But the good news: I'm back.

I am ready to come back and make art. I'm ready to continue to grow in my art and in my life. And I am so psyched!

As such, I am planning to change up the blog a bit. Instead of it being super art oriented, it will be art + a little bit of life. It's a place to show you what I'm up to, both artistically and emotionally. I'm pretty active on Instagram, so a lot of the photos will probably be from there; I find that my art is better posted from that platform because my camera is not so hot at the moment.