Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kindness is free

People often question why I choose to be nice no matter what. Or why I choose to forgive. And for awhile I didn't know the answer. It was just something I grew up doing. But now I choose to do both because I hate carrying negativity around. I am so disheartened when I find people who are taken down so hard because of the negativity resting in their hearts. Kindness and forgiveness are free. So why aren't we utilizing them?

September 2015

Also, behold my foray back into calligraphy. It's still a work in progress, but I was inspired by my grandfather. He passed earlier this month, and as I sat in his hospital room during his last week with us, I spent a lot of time remembering all the experiences I had with him. He never actually taught me calligraphy, but he taught my mother when she was younger, and in turn she taught me. It is an art form that connects our three generations.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Keep giving love

September 2015

This by far has not been my summer. Not for lack of trying--this was the first time I made lots of plans for my future and went in head first. But obstacle after obstacle knocked me over. There have been so many times this summer where I have wanted to stop getting back up and  just give up. To stop forgiving, stop loving, and just cut myself off from emotion. But then I remember (or someone reminds me) that keeping all that negativity does nothing good or healing for the world or me. Adding to the negativity in the world makes the world (get this) more negative, and prevents me from wanting to pursue happiness. What do I get out of that? Nothing. Feeling worse. But Love heals, and love helps me forgive so I can move on and become happy again. And that is important to me.